NEWARK, OH —Gregory S. Brewer’s campaign for the seat in the 31st Ohio Senate District is suspended due to the Ohio GOP redistricting scheme eliminating his home county from the district.

“The Redistricting Commission simply wants to maintain the establishment GOP’s power base,” Mr. Brewer said. “Because of their redistricting plan, we have no choice but to suspend our campaign for Ohio Senate.”

“We currently have no other option,” he said. The Commission merged Licking County into District 20, currently represented by Tim Schaffer, and is not up for re-election until 2024. The only option to continue in the race, he said, was to move into one of the counties within the new boundaries of District 31.

The redistricting rules allow candidates 30 days to move from their current residence back to within the district in which they were running. Mr. Brewer built his house in Hebron just two years ago. “My kids go to school and play sports here, and we’re very active in the community. We’re not just going to pick up and move. That’s what a career politician does.”

Our press release dated Feb. 28, 2022 detailed how the Ohio GOP’s redistricting scheme was attempting to eliminate competition from the May 3 primary for entrenched incumbents, whom Mr. Brewer calls “Country Club RINOs.” Eventually approved by the Ohio Supreme Court, the redistricting scheme is in effect for the next four years.

Although eliminated from the Ohio Senate race by the Commission’s gerrymandering, Mr. Brewer maintains he will continue to fight for Ohio voters. “I’m eliminated from the 2022 primary, but I will research a run for 2024” for a state level office, he said. “Like many of my fellow Conservative voters, I’m really tired of all the lies and deceit from the Ohio GOP.”

Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) is a popular Conservative label for mainstream politicians who, although registered as members of the Republican Party, frequently “cross the aisle” and support liberal Democrat policies with their votes, often contrary to their campaign promises and the interests of the taxpayers. Mr. Brewer uses the term “Country Club RINOs” to describe GOP members who wield political influence to enrich themselves and who exist only to get re-elected, rather than perform their actual job to serve the voters.

“Because they control all three branches of state government, Ohio’s Country Club RINOs didn’t even try to hide their contempt for Ohio GOP voters,” Mr. Brewer said. “Voters deserve to be represented by someone other than career politicians who have done little to serve their constituents.”

Mr. Brewer says the Ohio legislature needs to make elections more secure from ballot box stuffing and voter fraud, work to eliminate human trafficking, protect our First Amendment rights from woke Big Tech and global corporations, limit the ability of the Executive Branch to impose unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates and business shutdowns, and eliminate Critical Race theory and other Marxist teachings from our schools’ curriculums.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission consisted of GOP members Gov. Mike DeWine; Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose; Auditor Keith Faber; House Speaker Bob Cupp; and Senate President Matt Huffman. House Minority Leader Allison Russo and Sen. Vernon Sykes are the sole Democrats on the committee.

Mr. Brewer was running to replace longtime politician and current Ohio Senator Jay Hottinger, who must step down at the end of his current term due to term limits. Mr. Brewer was running to oppose Al Landis, another longtime politician, who was previously a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Mr. Landis is currently a Tuscarawas County Commissioner, who, according to Mr. Brewer, “conveniently lives in the center of the new district.”

“It’s definitely a David vs. Goliath situation,” Mr. Brewer said. “An everyday guy up against the big political machine. This is a setback, but we’re not done fighting.”


Mr. Brewer is a first-time candidate who believes Ohio and our nation is rapidly heading in the wrong direction. “It’s time to stand up and fight for what is right,” he said. “Politicians seem to have forgotten they are public servants; they work for We the People. It’s time for Patriots to take back our country from the career politicians, leftist extremists, and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) in Columbus who have taken advantage of our complacency for too long.”

Mr. Brewer graduated near the top of his class at Lakewood High School in Hebron, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Finance from Otterbein University. He spent a decade after college working as a mortgage broker, and was top salesman for a major mortgage company in Ohio for several years. The mortgage market crash in 2008-09 eventually caused him to move to a different job as an underwriter, providing a steady salary but taking a great deal of time.

Eventually, Mr. Brewer decided the long hours away from his family weren’t worth it, and decided to join his brother Steven in the family business founded by their grandfather in 1961, Newark-based Dor-Mar Heating and Air Conditioning. Driven by his passion for improving the lives of his associates, his customers, and their families, he currently manages the sales department at the company.

Mr. Brewer is an avid supporter of President Donald J. Trump, and considers ‘America First’ and ‘Ohio First’ platforms as the best way to serve the constituents of Ohio. “President Trump was the first ‘non-politician’ to hold that office in a long time. He was not influenced by big corporate donors. I hope to emulate his success, and help my fellow Ohioans.”

To arrange an interview with Mr. Brewer, please contact the campaign at (888) 716-0067 or